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2018. Január 11. 22:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Huszti interview: I have the same target as anyone, which is to win the league title

Vidi's new signing sat down to give a lengthy interview on Thursday. 

Huszti Szabolcs signed a long term deal with Vidi on Thursday. The 34 year old midfielder sat down to discuss the move after signing the contract. 

Supporters last saw you play in the Hungarian first division in 2005. Your career since then over the last 12 years has been full. Why have you decided to come home?

I will be honest and say that I did not think earlier that I would play in the NB I. My injury last year meant that I spent plenty of time back home. I would like to take this chance to thank Peter Friar for his help, who I worked together with over recent months. It was at this time that Videoton made contact with me. I spoke with Zoltan Kovacs and Marko Nikolic and listened to them. However, I decided at that time that I would not come home.  Later, several small things changed my mind. Zoltan Kovacs continued to talk with my agent Vladan Filipovics, while Marko Nikolic shared his visions and plans. I spoke a lot with Roland Juhasz and Danko Lazovic also called me up. I sat down with owner Istvan Garancsi and was assured that there are serious targets in place at Videoton. I also spoke about the chance at home with my wife. We have a four year old daughter who goes to nursery and my son in already 2 years old. I do not want to move them from here to there. I have signed a long term deal here and I feel it is a good decision.

You have already spoken about Roland Juhasz and Danko Lazovic. How much did you rely on your friendship with them when you chose Vidi?

Roland was the only one to stand beside me when there was a conflict in the past with anyone. We have known each other for a very long time, and played together for the U15 national side. We then made our debut's together for the "A" side. It is a very old friendship and I am delighted to be able to fight for joint targets with him. Danko called me and we also met personally before I signed my contract. We played together at Zenit for 3 years and I also counted on his views in my decision.

It is no secret that you had a knee operation last summer in Germany. How do you feel now and what condition are you in?

Naturally I have a little catching up to do and am not ready to train with the team. However, I will be working hard over the coming weeks to make sure there are no problems later on. I feel good and the medical staff have checked me up over the last 3 days and everything was fine. There will not be any surprises for anyone. My leg is in the condition that it should be at this phase. I have small aims: The first is to be able to train together with the rest of the players. Then I would like to help the team as best I can on the pitch. Finally I would like to win the league title, which is the same as the rest of the team. This is why I have come here and I want to win the league title with Vidi. 

There has been big changes to the league over the last decade. What are you counting on as you return back?

Roland has already mentioned that there have been plenty of changes to Hungarian football. Naturally I have been following NB I from a far and am curious what it will be like to play in the new stadiums.

How motivated are you with your career to date to once again win the league title in the NB I? You have already done this in Hungary as a player for Ferencvaros, but it is true that you were a young player back then and only played in one game. 

Winning is important for me and it is also vital that my team mates give their maximum. I am not talking here about matches, but also thinking about training sessions. I have always been the same this was the case especially in Germany mentally. I try to raise my kids in this way. Naturally winning the Hungarian league title motivates me and I would like to do that here with Vidi. It is true that I came through the ranks at Fradi and won the title with them, but I only played 15 minutes in that season. I do not feel that it is really mine. I moved to Sopron on a loan deal and became an international player. We managed to win to titles in Russia together with Danko and also one cup. I hope that we can celebrate similarly here at Vidi. That would be a base to then go on and do well in Europe. 

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