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2018. Január 12. 18:32  -  David Rechnitzer
Szabolcs Huszti is introduced at a press conference

Vidi's new signing spoke to the media together with manager Marko Nikolic and Director of football Zoltan Kovacs.

New signing Szabolcs Huszti was introduced at a press conference on Friday afternoon. The midfielder was joined by Zoltan Kovacs and manager Marko Nikolic.

Szabolcs Huszti pointed out that he had undergone a three day medical test and that everything was fine. He mentioned that he had a little catching up to do, but his biggest target was to be able to train together with the other players. That is why he will be training twice a day. Being together with his family played a large part in him returning home and it was Vidi that showed the most serious interest. Naturally the midfielder wants to help the club win the league title. 

"I hope that in a few years time when Szabolcs reflects back on his playing career, he will be proud to have returned from abroad to play for Videoton. He has made big sacrifices to be able to play with us. We knew that we could not compete with the Chinese team that he has come from in financial terms. We continue to work at great speed to sign new players and give the manager more variations and possibilities" - commented director of football Zoltan Kovacs.

I am pleased that such a quality player has linked up with us such as Szabolcs Huszti. Many people worked really hard to make this signing happen. I can confidently say that Huszti is one of the best Hungarian players over the last two decades. It was important for us that Szabolcs should be able to train with the team on the first day. There is serious work going on in the background to try and strengthen our squad further with new players. We will now have a 14 and 10 day training camp in both January and February in Spain. There will be four friendly games to play. Our aim is to win the league title and Ferencvaros will be our biggest rivals" - commented manager Marko Nikolic.

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